A most rewarding experience working with the Common Ground Grief Center

Chris Brandl - Saturday, April 25, 2015
I’ve recently had the privilege of hosting two young clients of the Common Ground Grief Center for a ‘hands on’ cooking demonstration held right here in the Brandl kitchen. The Common Ground Grief Center, located in Manasquan, provides support for children and teens who’ve experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or friend.

Along with several other Monmouth and Ocean county’s chefs, I invited two siblings to my kitchen for a unique culinary experience. Together, we made rack of lamb, a favorite dish their mother had lovingly prepared for the family before her death. I’m sure most of us can agree, food has a way of finding its way into our hearts and memories, through tastes and aromas.

Nicole, age 14, and her brother John, age 12, were accompanied by their father, who enjoyed the wonderful meal prepared by his children. In my own small way, I was grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for food with these brave youngsters. The evening was special, and the experience was rewarding. I hope that in some manner, I helped pay tribute to the memory of Nicole and John’s mom.


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